Paint The Ice: A Photo Gallery from the Buffalo Sabres Event

The given text appears to be a navigation menu or a list of options. It seems to include various categories such as Team, Roster, Uniforms, NHL Draft, All-Time Captains, Career Opportunities, Staff, Scores, Schedule, Stats, Standings, Community, Fans, Arena, Sabres Store, Alumni Plaza, Lexus Club, Fan Code of Conduct, LECOM Harborcenter, Shop, League, Streaming, Streaming, MSG+, Fubo (US + Canada), Galleries, and

The menu also has dates mentioned – April 17, 2024 and April 14, 2024. This text can be grouped into logical paragraphs based on the categories listed.

For example, one paragraph could focus on Team-related options, another on Schedule and Stats, another on Arena and Fan-related options, and so on. Do you want me to rewrite the entire text in this structure?

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