Jeff scores 1,000 points in game night for the Buffalo Sabres.

The website features various sections such as Tickets, News, Video, Team, Schedule, Stats, Standings, and more. These sections provide information and updates related to the NHL team. The navigation menu allows easy access to different parts of the website.

Under the Team section, there are subsections like Roster, Uniforms, and All-Time Captains that offer details about the team members, uniforms, and historical leadership. Additionally, the website provides information on career opportunities and the staff involved with the team. The Arena section includes details about the KeyBank Center, A-Z Guide, Sabres Store, Alumni Plaza, Lexus Club, Fan Code of Conduct, and LECOM Harborcenter.

These subsections offer information about the team’s home arena, facilities, and fan-related guidelines. There is also a section for streaming which includes options such as MSG+ and Fubo for viewers in the US and Canada. The website also features galleries and links to for more content.

A notable event, “GAME NIGHT | JEFF 1,000,” which celebrates Jeff Skinner’s 1,000th game, was highlighted on the website. This event took place on April 2, 2024, and was commemorated with a link to more information.

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