Celebrating 50 Seasons with Bill Wippert: A Photo Collection from the Buffalo Sabres

The website features various sections, including Tickets, News, Video, Team, Schedule, Stats, Standings, Community, Arena, League, and Streaming. Within each section, there are further options and resources available. For example, there is a printable schedule, information about the team’s roster and uniforms, and a section dedicated to career opportunities.

Additionally, there is a specific section for the team’s arena, the KeyBank Center, which includes an A-Z guide, the Sabres store, and the LECOM Harborcenter. One notable feature on the website is a photo exhibition celebrating the 50th season of Buffalo Sabres’ Team Photographer Bill Wippert. This exhibition showcases some of his favorite photographs taken over his 50 years of photographing the team.

The images are available to view and enjoy as a tribute to his long-standing contribution to the Sabres. Overall, the website offers a comprehensive collection of resources and information related to the Buffalo Sabres, catering to various interests and needs, from game schedules and statistics to fan engagement and community involvement.

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